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Classical CAN and CAN FD

HiL testing at your desk

The Novacarts Advanced test system by Micronova (Germany) enables testing control unit functions with a HiL simulator directly at the workplace. It supports Classical CAN and CAN FD.

(Photo: Micronova)

The Nova Carts Advanced hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems fit on any desk. This makes them suitable as developer test stations and enabling users to test individual control devices or controller functions. When required, the systems can be extended incrementally to become full-fledged HiL simulators.

In its basic version, a Novacarts Advanced system consists of a Linux-based real-time computer running the Novacarts real-time software and numerous connections for various I/O devices and components such as the Novacarts Multi I/O Board. Furthermore, the test system supports various serial bus systems such as CAN, CAN FD, and LIN due to its integrated vehicle bus node.

The full-featured version even enables test departments to use the system to test vehicle functions that involve several control devices. The HiL simulators are compatible with other Novacarts systems of the company and can be coupled to form integrated systems. When required, interconnected HiL simulators can be just converted back into standalone test stations.


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