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16th international CAN Conference

Second generation of CANopen products

The Embedded Systems Solutions (Essolutions) and the Embedded Systems Academy (Esacademy) jointly announced the availability of their second generation CANopen-IA line of products.

The CANgine Light (Photo: Essolutions)

These products provide developers and system integrators with instant access to CANopen networks. The CANopen-IA chips, modules and devices directly implement I/O functionality or provide Linux, Windows, or Android devices with generic serial interface access to CANopen networks. The hardware options by Essolutions include: the CANgine-Light, a CANopen to serial device, powered through 9-pin D-sub CAN connector, second 9-pin D-sub connector with EIA-232/UART connection, the CANgineII-BT, a CANopen to Bluetooth device, powered through 9-pin D-sub CAN connector, as well as the CANopen-IA-M0, a configurable digital and analog I/O chip or module.

The CANopen-IA firmware options by Esacademy include: CANopen communication behavior configurable through CANopen EDS (Electronic Data Sheet), Serial protocol on the Bluetooth / serial side of the CANgine products, support of multiple device and application profiles on CANgine products, including CiA 447 for add-on automotive electronics, CleANopen, and support of generic CiA 401 I/O device profile on CANopen-IA-M0.

„When it comes to implementing CANopen, there is no faster development cycle available then CANopen-IA,“ said Olaf Pfeiffer, President at Esacademy. „The CANopen protocol is already fully implemented within the chips, modules or devices.“ CANopenIA also increases an application‘s security level by decreasing the possible intruder attack vectors. In systems using the CANopen IA bridge from CAN to serial, CANopenIA acts as a firewall. At the serial communication level there is no direct access to individual CAN messages, only CANopen objects can be addressed.


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