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Sensor + Test 2017

CAN products and more

At the exhibition, Ipetronik (Germany) presents hardware and software products for research, test, and development requirements in the automotive industry.

The CLFD box (Photo: Ipetronik)

The spectrum ranges from a dummy head for climatic/acoustic engineering to a specially developed measuring system for safe HV measurement in electric and hybrid vehicles through to the ETH gateway CLFD box. It is a multi-channel, modular interface module. With Arcos 1.5, the company is also exhibiting a modular data logger system for fleet trials.

With the ETH gateway CLFD box, the company has a multi-channel, modular interface module, whose 16 CAN high-speed inputs, two Flexray, eight LIN channels can be connected to the Ipemotion measurement software. This gateway gives users a significant advantage in their practical work inside the vehicle, said the company. Where in the past various dual and quad CAN or LIN interfaces had to be attached to the PC via USB, there is now only one Ethernet connection to the application laptop. This allows alternating users to (via an RJ45 connector) access the on-board power supply and by importing corresponding description files (e.g. OBD, DBC, Autosar, A2L, Fibex) to perform multi-channel CAN, LIN, Flexray traffic, and signal-based measurements.

Arcos 1.5

Arcos 1.5 (Photo: Ipetronik)

Due to its modular concept, high processing power, and data storage capacity, the Arcos 1.5 data logger system is a solution for demanding tasks in vehicle fleet trials. According to the company, the modular system architecture offers users flexibility and investment protection. Due to the modular design with plug-in modules, it is possible to extend the number of bus interfaces for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, Flexray, Ethernet, MOST in line with demand. Accordingly, the system also logs large on-board power supply topologies with numerous bus networks and control units using the most important protocols such as CCP and XCP.

Test drives which for example require validation by assistance systems or aim at recording the behavior and field of vision of the driver can be implemented using multiple USB cameras and up to eight IP cameras. The data is stored on CF cards and via Serial ATA interfaces with a large memory depth of up to 1 TiB in Raid 10. The wireless communication is implemented via a plug-in module with globally operating 3G modems, GPS, Glonass, and Baidu position data acquisition and modular W-LAN modules with 2,4-GHz bandwidth. The absolute special feature of the Arcos 1.5 hardware platform is the option of switching over the operating mode. For logger operation, Linux normally runs on the device as an operating system. Alternatively, it is possible – by swapping the removable storage medium – to operate the same hardware as Windows logger with the ipemotion software as the application system for control units.

Other trade fair products

With the development of the Ipeacoustic head, the company is further extending its expertise in the field of vehicle climatic/acoustic engineering. This dummy head, which has a wedge-shaped design, features a binaural microphone arrangement for aurally compensated noise recording as well as a third microphone in an acoustically neutral measuring position. ½-inch microphones with IEPE or 200-V power supply are used.

HVshunt2 is a specially developed measuring system for safe HV measurement in fleet trials of electric and hybrid vehicles. The recording of voltages, currents, and temperatures in the HV environment of vehicle batteries is a key measurement application.

The Mx-STG2 6, a measurement module from the X-Link module series with six high-speed DMS inputs up to 100 kHz, and Ipemotion 2017 R1, the latest version of ipetronik’s measurement data logging software with functions for bus analysis and vehicle acoustics in addition to the integration of Caetec hardware, go to complete the range of products exhibited by Ipetronik at the Sensor + Test 2017 in Nuremberg, 30 May to 1 June 2017 in hall 1, stand 240.


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