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Fuel consumption testing

Automated measurement system with CAN connectivity

The Microtaare F1 testing acquisition analysis reporting engine by Gregory is a measuring system with which testing scenarios can be reproduced.

Fuel consumption measuring system with live-screen (Photo: Gregory)

National and international standards or regulations require more and more complex test methods to be able to measure fuel consumption on vehicles with internal combustion engines under reproducible and the most realistic possible driving conditions. Carmakers are required to adapt their measurement methods in mobile on-road testing to the new requirements. For example, the JT/T 719-2016 and JT/T 711-2016 standards define detailed general conditions for on-road fuel consumption testing of passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles.

Gregory located in Germany has developed the Microtaare F1 multi-functional testing framework, which can be used in conjunction with FCS-D flowtronic to measure the fuel consumption. It provides also automatic reports. The system provides several interfaces including CAN, Ethernet, and USB. The test driver benefits from the pre-defined test workflow. The test scenarios run almost automatically. Via the CAN interface data from the in-vehicle networks can be recorded.


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