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Evaluation platform

For SoC and FPGA projects

The MCVEVP by Aries Embedded (Germany) supports a start-up of SoC and FPGA projects and can be used as a fast-prototype platform.

Diagram of the evaluation platform (Photo: Aries Embedded)

The evaluation platform integrates an ARM-based system consisting of processor, peripherals, and memory interfaces with the FPGA fabric using an interconnect backbone. The product comes with two CAN interfaces. Additionally, other interfaces such as Ethernet, UART, I2C, and USB are available. Other features are a TFT connector, a touchscreen controller, and a microSD-card slot.

The product features additional hardware such as PCI Express Gen1, multiport memory controllers, and serial transceivers. The embedded SoCs drive down power and cost while enabling performance levels required by cost-sensitive applications, added the company.


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