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CANopen device configuration

Hand-held tool for encoders and inclinometers

Sick (Germany) has launched the PGT-12-Pro hand-held tool for configuring CANopen encoders and inclinometers. It is also suitable for such sensors with analog outputs.

Hand-held configuration tool for encoders and inclinometers (Photo: Sick)

The tool provides an integrated voltage supply, which allows configuring sensors in a one-to-one session. It is designed for system designers as well as maintenance staff in the field, when exchanging or re-configuring devices. There is no need for a PC running configuration software. Various parameters for encoders and inclination sensors can be saved in the internal memory bank or on an SD card. Firmware updates provide new encoder functions and variants. Theoretically, the tool could also be used for encoders and inclinometers of other manufacturers, if they comply with CiA 406 or CiA 410 profiles.

Besides profile-specific parameters, the tool can also be used to set the node-ID and the bit-rate. The configuration tool is suitable for the company’s AHS/AHM36 and TMS/TMM sensors. But be careful, when configuring the node-ID or bit-rate by means of SDO services. If during run-time, a reset configuration is commanded, it may happen that node-ID and bit-rate are also set to the default behavior, which can cause malfunctions.