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Stress and trigger tool

Features up to four CAN FD ports

Goepel has developed the Basic CON 4055 stress and trigger tool, which can be used for Classical CAN as well as for CAN FD networks.

With up to four CAN (FD) interfaces
(Photo: Goepel)

The tool is capable of manipulating Classical CAN and CAN FD communication. The functionality is available as an extended option for the Series 61 communication controllers. The stress function results in generation of error frames. In addition, external resources can be controlled via trigger output to specific frames or triggered via a trigger input. Based on the Series 61, the CAN-IP has been extended by corresponding disturbance functions. The parameterization is carried out using the company’s C-based API allowing the tool to be integrated into user-specific solutions. The tool features 250 configurable triggers.

The disturbance function supports the CAN FD and the Classical CAN protocol on one of four configurable ports. The CAN interfaces can be equipped with high-speed and low-speed (low-power) transceivers compliant with ISO 11898-2 respectively ISO 11898-3. Ethernet is the host interface; alternatively PXI, PCI, and USB interfaces are offered. A Labview library is available.


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