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2-channel MSO

With optional CAN decoder functionality

B&K Precision offers for its 2540C digital storage and mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) several protocol decoder upgrades.

With up to 200 MHz bandwidth in a 2-channel configuration the instrument features one billion samples per second (Photo: B&K Precision)

The 200-MHz instrument provides an 8-inch display with 256 levels of color grading. The 2-channel MSO has an update rate of up to 60 000 waveforms per second. This enables the instrument to capture glitches. The product can be optionally extended with 16 digital logic analyzer channels and protocol decoders including for Classical CAN. It is suitable for applications in design and debugging, service and repair as well as education.

The product can store up to 14 million measurement points. It is capable to record up to 80 000 CAN data frames. Additional features include the arbitrary waveform generator and the serial triggering function. The input coupling is selectable: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ.


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