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4-channel oscilloscope

Minimum vertical input range of 500 ┬ÁV/div

Siglent (China) has developed the SDS1204-E oscilloscope. It is available in 100-MHz or 200-MHz versions and comes with an optional CAN decoder.

The oscilloscope employs a 256-level intensity grading display function and a color temperature display mode (Photo: Siglent)

In 4-channel mode, the instrument can convert 500 million samples per second and store 7 million measuring points. In 2-channel mode, these figures are doubled. The “super-phosphor” oscilloscope can capture up to 100 000 waveforms per second. The Chinese provider stated that the system noise is also lower compared with other products on the market.

The instrument comes with several protocol decoder options including for Classical CAN. It also supports history waveform recording and sequential triggering that enable extended waveform recording and analysis. Another feature is the 1-million point FFT math-function. The digital design includes a hardware co-processor that delivers measurements without slowing acquisition and front-panel response. Other features are searching and navigating, on-screen Bode plot, 16 digital channels (option), an external USB powered 25-MHz AWG module, a USB/WIFI adapter (option), and an embedded application that allows remote control via web browser.


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