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Embedded World 2018

Trace modules for access device

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme presents two trace modules for its Universal Access Device 2next (UAD2next) at the fair. It is an access device for on-chip debugging and trace of multicore micro-controllers in embedded systems.

The company can be found in Hall 4, Booth 310 (Photo: PLS)

At the Embedded World 2018, PLS introduces two trace modules for its UAD2next, the all-round access device for debugging and target communication via CAN. The first module supports a 12-bit parallel trace and offers up to 250 Mbit/s transfer speed and 125 MHz (DDR). The second module supports serial trace interfaces based on the Aurora protocol and transmits the trace data generated by the target via two lanes with a transfer speed of up to 1,25 Gbit/s. Both modules can be plugged into the expansion slot on the front of the UAD2next.

The UAD2next acts as a bridge between the base model UAD2pro and the high-end tool UAD3+. Besides a number of debug and trace interfaces, such as DAP, SWD, JTAG, cJTAG, and LPD, the access device also supports CAN and ASC interfaces for connecting the target. In addition to recording CAN messages or specific stimulation of the CAN network, the galvanic isolated separate CAN interface also enables communication via DAP over CAN Physical Layer (DXCPL). Trace modules, which can be plugged in as needed, ensure transfer of trace data from the target into the UAD2next.


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