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CAN project management

Software runs embedded on the tool

The announced Logoversion software runs directly on the CANtouch tool by Gemac. It can create, delete, and name CAN projects.

For the CANtouch tool the supplier offers project management software (Photo: Gemac)

With the project management tool the user can set the CAN bit-rates, list the connected nodes, and can act as protocol monitor. Other features include storing symbol files for protocol monitoring purposes and validating the bit-timing settings. All these data are available for each project and can be used independently of each other. If a new project is created before a measurement, the data previously stored on the device is not overwritten. A further advantage is that archive files and screenshots are now also stored in a folder per installation (to the project) and not only in chronological order.

The Logoversion software distinguishes between device settings and project management (Photo: Gemac)

The projects can be created, deleted and named directly in CANtouch without the need to connect to a computer. As a result of this function, the folder structure on the drive has been changed. In the Projects folder, a folder is created for each newly created project. The existing Default subfolder contains the folders and measurement files, which are created without using the project management. As settings are stored in the respective project folder, everything fits to the installation after it has been set once. Adjustments of the evaluation file are retained for each project.

For easy differentiation of projects, the selected project name is displayed on the lock screen and within the control center. In addition, a separate background image can be set. Due to the conversion to projects, the settings menu also had to be changed. It now distinguish more strongly between device information and settings and project-related settings. The overall layout appears more logical, stated the supplier.


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