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Embedded World 2018

Updated version of the CANopen design tool

Port has announced the availability of version 2.3.18 of its CANopen Design Tool (CDT) for Windows and Linux. The updated version includes MCU/CPU support.

This tool generates an the basic CANopen stack, the object dictionary, the related EDS, and documentation (Photo: Port)

The CDT is a tool for the development of CANopen applications (devices). The object dictionary source code can be generated along with the device EDS file using prepared Device Profiles. CiA 301 and CiA 302 network communication profiles are included. The tool generates an object dictionary and an initialization function in C-code, an Electronic Data Sheet (EDS), and the documentation of the project automatically. Furthermore it simplifies the configuration of the CANopen Library and of the CANopen Driver Packages.

In addition to the CiA 301 database, databases are provided for a large number of CANopen device profiles and for the CANopen communication profile CiA 304. The object dictionary produced by the CDT supports numerous options of the CANopen Library from Port, e.g. several CAN lines and segmented structuring. A tree representation of all implemented parameters and data facilitates the maintenance of the device software. The CANopen Design Tool eases the first step into the CANopen protocol and device development is accelerated.

It is a tool with which device databases can be produced and processed. These databases contain information, which describe the interface for the CANopen network of the device. These are all parameters, control, and status information that are accessible over CAN. The CANopen protocol stores these values in the so-called object dictionary of CANopen devices.

The major task of the CDT is to administer and create these data in an object database and to create code for the CANopen Library from it. Furthermore the CDT is used to configure the CANopen Driver Packages. Within one project several hardware configurations can be managed. This allows a change between different targets during development.

The company is part of the Embedded World 2018, which takes part from February 27 to March 1 in Nuremberg, Germany. You can find them in hall 1 booth 648. Port shows its latest development strategies for CAN/CANopen devices and more.


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