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CAN oscilloscope

With 80 automotive measurement functions

Published 2018-04-10

Hantek (China) provides the 6074BE oscilloscope, which can be connected via USB to PCs. Software drivers for different Windows versions are available.

The 4-channel oscilloscope requires a PC or tablet to display the measured signals (Photo: Hantek)

The 1-Gsample/s oscilloscope software can evaluate different measurements such as ignition action, sensor data, and CAN frames. The CAN analyzing function interprets the frames and proves the CAN signal integrity. The oscilloscope provides 2-mV to 10-V input sensitivity and a 70-MHz bandwidth. Other features include dynamic cursor tracking, waveform averaging as well as recording, and replay functionality. The product comes in an aluminum housing.

Multiple tools can be connected to the same host controller. This expands the number of channels. It is also possible to run the oscilloscope under Labview. LIN is supported as well.