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Communication controller

For up to 18 independent interfaces

Published 2018-05-08

Goepel Electronic launches the Series 62 communication controllers. The architecture offers restbus simulation and flash programming for up to 18 independent bus interfaces for Classical CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and others.

The controller with gateway functionality is based on a customized SoC hardware by Xilinx (Photo: Goepel)

This results in numerous configurations and thus application options for optimum adaptation to the UUT (unit under test) or the test task.

The series is suited for use in restbus simulations as well as test and flash programming of complex ECUs. It features up to 18 independent and freely configurable bus interfaces. Additional digital and analog I/O channels as well as Sent Tx/Rx interfaces expand the application possibilities. The heart of the communication controller is a Xilinx MPSoC. As already proven in the predecessors of the Series 61, the new series offers the possibility of executing user programs directly on the hardware under a real-time operating system, keeping latencies as low as possible.

Transport and diagnostic protocols such as ISO 15765, network management, XCP, and Secoc security software are available as on-board functionality and can be used via appropriate API (application programmer interface) functions. This makes the Series 62 suitable for ECU development and test with application possibilities at development sites, in test stands and run-in systems.

The multi-bus controller is available as a stand-alone box in various performance classes as well as PCIe/PXIe cards. The channel configuration is individual and can be expanded if required. The stand-alone box also has a slot for industrial bus modules. On the software side, Net2Run serves as a tool for configuring rest bus simulations. The integration into customer applications is executed by the powerful G-API for Windows and Linux. Other supported interfaces are Flexray and Ethernet.