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Test system series

MCD Elektronik has released the VTS 2030 modular and versatile test system series. It can be connected to various bus systems including CAN and LIN.

VTS 2030 The modular test system series features exchangeable test adapters, height adjustability, and an automatic authorization management system via RFID cards (Photo: MCD Elektronik)

Product Manager Rüdiger Fritze said: „The prominent feature of the VTS 2030 is the possibility to modify it for various assemblies and products within very short change-over times. With this new development, we responded to the customers´ growing demand for high-end testing facilities, who rather manufacture small quantities of quickly changing variants and really hit the bulls-eye.“

The MCD VTS Rack is the basis of every system, including a PC and the MCD Universal Measurement System UMS 1300 ULC. The ULC Multi-functional Card offers multiple possibilities for data analysis as well as the generation of signals. On top the system has up to eight slots for relay multiplexer cards. The test adapter with the assembly nest to be tested is located on the table´s surface. The complete test adapter is connected to the VTS through a pylon interface.

Test adapter for a board level test; The assemblies of the measurement system are shown on the right side; The green LED signal lamp shows: DUT is ok (Photo: MCD Eektronik)

The measurement system is also located inside of the test adapter. Connected through a bus such as CAN or LIN it offers a maximum of four module holders for up to 16 functional modules for the individual creation of the test environment. Users have also the choice of other bus systems. In addition to that two I2C-Bus Master, two counter inputs, and two connections on the codec for synchronous audio connections are configurable. Through the change of functional modules the test adapter is adjusted for special testing demands. With over 8 000 active licenses the company’s Testmanager is also available for the control, evaluation, and documentation of the test performance in the VTS 2030. Moreover, MCD offers a solution for the customers who prefer to work in a Labview test environment.

The pylon interface: one turn on the lever for docking or exchange of the test adapter (Photo: MCD Elektronik)

MCD cooperates, amongst others, with the test adapter provider Ingun, which configures the pylon adapter with interface blocks for electrical signals, light conductors and pneumatic. Special blocks for applications like high current, high frequency, etc. are additionally available. With only minimal adjustments, the system can be utilized for functional, End-of-Line, manual functional as well as Boundary Scan tests, said the company. „Some customers also use it as a repair system, control of packaging, or as an assembly and test station“, Fritze added.

This test adapter is equipped with a camera due to the additional optical test of fans (Photo: MCD Elektronik)

MCD manufactures the next of the DUT according to customer demands. For flat modules mostly needle beds are used but „easy to handle“ adaptions are also produced for electro-mechanical assemblies. Additional test adapters can be reordered for the test of various products according to its pylon interface. MCD delivers the adapter via postal service and the system remains at the customers´ site.

The test bench can be moved electrically to an ergonomically accepted work height and therefore can be customized according to the personnel’s individual needs. The workers sign in to the system via RFID device (card, wrist band or chip). This enables a flexible user and authorization management system. The visualization of the test results via an integrated signal lamp is useful: green for OK-parts, red for defective parts (NOK).


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