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SPS IPC Drives 2018

Measuring device with four, eight, twelve, or 16 inputs

The Expert Vibro universal vibration measuring device from Delphin Technology usually was available with eight or 16 vibration inputs. Now the company has added two versions with four or twelve inputs. A CAN interface is provided.

(Photo: Delphin Technology)

Four, eight, twelve, or 16 synchronous vibration measurement channels with sampling rates up to 50 kHz per channel are now available. 24-bit A/D converters are provided. Switching is possible between measuring voltages, currents, IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric), or shaft vibration sensors. Integrated comparators and digital inputs enable triggering. Measurement values are monitored online and digital outputs can be switched within milliseconds when limit values are exceeded.

In addition to four analog outputs for monitoring purposes, one freely configurable CAN interface is available for fieldbus connection. Others are also possible. All signal analysis functions are configured and executed online in the hardware. This includes individually parameterizable filters, differentiators, integrators, and FFT calculation. An internal data memory of up to 14 GiB enables the product to operate fully independently.

The Vibro option in the Profisignal software offers a range of analysis options for the acquired data. In addition to a basic spectrum representation based on FFT analysis, the option also offers special diagrams for vibration analysis, such as envelope spectrum, spectrograms, and orbit diagrams.

The product can be find at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany in hall 7A, stand 520.


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