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24 CAN/ CAN FD channels

Motherboard for self-driving vehicles

At the CES 2019, Intrepid Control Systems (USA) has introduced its Autonomous ONE motherboard, an all-in-one data-logger that integrates multiple inputs into a single open platform.

The product was made for the in-vehicle environment with integrated power management, large voltage range, and watchdog Aurix monitoring CPU (Photo: Intrepid Control Systems)

The data-logger aims to help automakers, suppliers, and automotive vehicle researchers speed autonomous vehicle development by replacing a trunk full of cobbled-together equipment with a single interface device. This device will link together many components of autonomous technology, including the autonomous CPU (CPU Card), GPS/GNSS, and connectors for multiple types of sensors including cameras, radar, Lidar, and other inputs, said the company. The Autonomous ONE comes with up to 24 CAN or CAN FD as well as 18 LIN interfaces.

The product supports time synchronization of all data via CAN FD, Ethernet, or GPS PPS. The FPGA hardware design requires no software or compute overhead. Removable storage solution based on up to 64 TiB is supported.


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