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Dedicated for prototyping driving solutions

Unex (Taiwan) and ST (France/Italy) have announced the integration of the Telemaco3P Modular Telematics Platform (TC3P-MTP) on the SOM-301 system-on-module by Unex.

The TC3-MTP with a SOM-301 on top (Photo: STMicroelectronics)

The SOM-301 is a self-contained System-on-Module (SoM) that integrates all V2X (vehicle-to-everything) essential hardware and software components. It features Unex’s V2Xcast technology. The SoM integrates the Teseo III automotive multi-constellation GNSS chip and Autotalks' state-of-the-art Craton2/Pluton2 chipset, capable of both DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) connectivity.

The launched platform provides an open development environment for prototyping advanced driving applications. At its core is the Telemaco3P secure automotive processor featuring an embedded isolated hardware security module. The platform provides positioning hardware with ST’s automotive-grade multi-constellation GNSS Teseo IC and dead-reckoning sensors. It also offers direct connectivity to automotive buses such as CAN FD, FlexRay, and BroadR-Reach (100Base-T1) as well as optional modules for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

The V2Xcast software stack enables extended capabilities for the V2X processing; the Craton2 on SOM-301 handles secure V2X communication on one side, while the Telemaco3P manages the applications, fusing the V2X messages with data from in-vehicle, Wi-Fi, or cellular networks. The integration of the SOM-301 onto the Telemaco3P platform results in a solution that can be customized at both hardware and software levels. This enables near-final V2V and V2I applications prototyping.

“Integrating our V2X technology within the comprehensive Telemaco3P ecosystem was extremely important for us. After a quick and straightforward integration with the module and the platform, we are excited to have our SOM-301 on ST’s Telemaco3P MTP. The integrated offering provides time-to-market accelerator for developers,” said Nick Lee from Unex Technology. “The objective of our collaboration with Unex is to provide our partners and customers with an easier and faster path to V2X solutions. Together with our automotive GNSS solutions, this joint effort aims to accelerate the adoption of next-generation systems for autonomous and safer connected cars,” said Antonio Radaelli from ST.


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