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Capturing time-synchronously multi-sensors

B-plus has announced CAN FD support for its Brickplus data recorder. It can store up to 32 TiB of information.

The Brickplus with CAN FD, Flexray, and Ethernet interfaces (Source: B-plus)

The validation of multiple sensors for autonomous driving requires a time-synchronous recording of data via different interfaces. The German supplier has added to Flexray and Ethernet now also CAN FD ports. The tool can be equipped with six 1000 Base-T ports (module 1), as well as a free vehicle bus configuration (module 2), which can be customized according to CAN FD and Flexray ports. With a data rate of up to 16 Gbit/s and a storage of up to 32 TiB per system, the recorder is suitable for recording a wide range of multi-sensor systems.

The advantage compared to the previous use of external PCIe cards is the time synchronization. Each port has a Time Sync protocol, which ensures the guaranteed time-synchronous recording of all data in the vehicle. This is independent of the used communication technology.


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