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Virtual Terminal design tool

Object pool comprising graphical and invisible elements

OSB (Germany) has introduced the vt-designer software tool. It is intended to design Isobus (ISO 11783) networks.

ISO 11783 Virtual Terminals are used in the tractor representing the implement (Source: Adobe Stock

The launched software tool supports the graphical development, editing, and emulation of ISO 11783-compliant object pools. An object pool is part of a Virtual Terminal (VT) client and is represented on a terminal as a user interface. The tool is part of the development tool chain within the ISOAgLib open-source programming library.

On the one hand, object pools consist of graphical elements such as soft-keys, buttons, input and output fields, and pictures or shapes. On the other, they contain invisible elements such as containers for data structuring, events, and commands or command sequences (macros). All elements (objects), their characteristics (object attributes), along with the permitted combinations and required object dependencies which together form an object pool and, therefore, a user interface, are described and specified in the ISO 11783 standard series.

Object pools created with this tool are ISO 11783-conformant. Object pools can be imported and exported in the usual IOP formats (Isobus Object Pool, WTK-compatible format) and VTP format (Virtual Terminal Project). VTP, an XML-based format, is compatible with the ISOAgLib library.

Besides the described tool, the company offers a range of additional development tools. With VT2ISO (free-of-charge), you can translate VTP projects and other XML-based object pool descriptions into binary files for use in the target hardware. With Logalyzer (free-of-charge) you can analyze VT Client communications. The vt-simulator does not need VT hardware. It can simulate a VT on a PC. Also vt-core and tc-core software components are available, which enable a terminal to provide VT-Server and TC-Server functionality.


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