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Flashing ECUs from a distance

Vflash Remote is a diagnostics solution from Vector Informatik. It gives users the option of flashing and reprogramming ECUs remotely e.g. on vehicle test drives or in off-shore production plants.

Setting up the communications infrastructure (Source: Vector Informatik)

To set up the communications infrastructure the user connects to an access point on the vehicle remotely over the Internet. Two possible pathways are available for the remote interface: either via the VN8810 diagnostic device (already integrates the tool access point) or via a Windows-based PC with an installed tool access point and network interface.

The VN8810 enables ECU (electronic control units) reprogramming, executes diagnostic scripts, and serves as an access point for the remote diagnostics. Accessing the vehicle is done via the OBD socket. The device integrates a Classical CAN interface with CAN FD (up to 8 Mbit/s) support and uses the TJA1051 CAN-transceiver by NXP. A selectable 120-Ohm terminating resistor is included.

The remote connection between Vflash Remote and the access point is always encrypted. This ensures that flash data may not be seen or manipulated by third parties. Furthermore, the transfer of flash data to the access point is decoupled from ECU reprogramming. Reprogramming is not started until the data to be flashed has been fully transferred to the access point and has passed a plausibility check. The user gets transparency from displaying of progress information during the flash procedure, a status feedback after completion, and optional generation of a report for documentation purposes. Users may reuse existing flash packs for remote applications. The tool works with flash templates, which implement the flash specifications of the automotive OEMs. Currently, more than 130 templates are available for over 70 OEMs.


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