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Data acquisition system

Capturing 15 million samples per second

Dewesoft released the Sirius XHS data acquisition system (DAQ) with Classical CAN and CAN FD interfaces. It is built with the company’s hybrid ADC technology.

Sirius XHS has been in development for more than five years (Source: Dewesoft)

The hybrid ADC technology allows the user to select three modes of operation for each analog input channel. The high bandwidth mode with no filtering and a 5-MHz bandwidth uses the 15 Msample/s sampling rate. It can be used to acquire impulse, step, and square signals without ringing or overshoot. This mode (typical for SAR ADCs) is suited for transient recording and power analysis. The high dynamic alias-free mode allows to acquire 1 Msample/s with a 160-dB dynamic range. The data is alias-free, so that higher frequencies are rejected. This mode (typical for Sigma-Delta ADCs) is suited for sound, vibration, and general data recording applications. The ring-free filtering mode has no overshoot on the impulse signal while still maintaining alias-free acquisition.

The sampling rate is selectable independently for each channel. The acquired data can be synchronized to diverse data sources such as Classical CAN, CAN FD, Flexray, GPS (global positioning system), IMU (inertial measurement unit) devices, video, digital counters, etc. Further supported data interfaces include GLAN, USB3, XCP, and OPC-UA.

The device can serve as a power analyzer and power quality analyzer. The Dewesoft X data acquisition software stores raw data from connected channels, and automatically calculates power parameters (P, Q, S, D, Cos φ, etc.) for each harmonic. Each parameter can be visually displayed. The IP65-rated device is suited for E-mobility and high-transient applications as it can measure the voltages up to 2000 V peak (CAT II 1000 V). The instrument comes with a galvanic channel-to-channel, channel-to-ground isolation (±1000 V), and includes isolated sensor excitation.

Sirius XHS slices can be used as a stand-alone DAQ unit or stacked and daisy-chained with a click-mechanism (Source: Dewesoft)

Multiple Sirius XHS devices can be stacked and daisy-chained together into a larger channel count system. The introduced device can also be combined with other Sirius, Krypton, or Iolite DAQ systems from the company. The configuration for working with multiple instruments is the same as for working with a single unit. The Dewesoft X data acquisition and analysis software comprises such functionalities as plug-and-play, hardware auto-detection, Teds sensors, as well as storing and data analysis features.


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