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For cars up to 5 t

Brake testing system

Maha Maschinenbau Haldenwang (Germany) developed the Connect digital brake tester series. It offers unlimited visualization and displaying possibilities, said the manufacturer.

Measured data can be displayed on diverse end-devices e.g., smartphone, tablet, PC, and smart TV (Source: Maha)

An interface module for in-the-floor assembly allows for plug-and-play connection of sensors and optional expansions. Expanding the assembly to a test lane or with weighing devices is possible. The interface module digitizes the measurement values and transmits the data via CAN to the control cabinet. The set-up of the control cabinet provides one central module for all variants and can be upgraded with optional plug-in modules. Measured data can be displayed on diverse end-devices e.g., smartphone, tablet, PC, and smart TV using a wireless (Wifi) or a wired (LAN) connection.

There is no need to install an app or software for use. A current web browser is sufficient. Remote diagnosis and maintenance via the Internet are possible. Personalized access, fault diagnosis, log function, user-guided calibration, and system adjustment are executable via the web browser as well. The access permissions for user administration are individually configurable. The system also offers expandable software and interfacing capabilities.

The worldwide provider of workshop and vehicle inspection equipment explained that the modular structure of the test bench offers future viability for customers. It is possible to use the assembly for the end-of-line test prior to delivery of a car to a customer. In this way customers are assured of safety when commissioning for the first time. Currently, the brake testing bench versions are available for axle loads of 3,5 t, 4 t, and 5 t. The launch of the Connect series for trucks is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.


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