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Embedded World 2021

USB-to-I/O device supports CAN, CAN FD, and CANopen

At the digital exhibition Embedded World 2021, DAB-Embedded shows its USB2IO interface explorer. The device connects USB to various I/O interfaces for prototyping and enabling functional tests of electronic devices using CAN, CAN FD, and CANopen.

(Source: DAB-Embedded)

The product combines protocol analyzer, data-logger, communication interface, and embedded functional test platform and can also be used as basic signal generator. According to the company, the device targets electrical engineers, firmware developers, enthusiasts, and engineering students to communicate with various breakout boards and functional hardware blocks. The product is suitable as lab/production tool. It enables communication with electronics using the 29-bit extended frame format Classical CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, and other interfaces. According to the company, the CAN modules in USB2IO are compliant with ISO CAN FD (ISO 11898-1:2015) and non-ISO CAN FD (Bosch CAN FD specification 1.0).


The product features: a 16-channel pattern generator, a voltage range of 1,8 V to 3,3 V designed for powering external devices, automatic electronic functional testing, communication with host PC using USB HID device, transmitting data using ASCII or RAW protocol, upgradeable firmware for control modules, bootloader for firmware upgrade, Python and C++ SDKs, as well as OS support including Microsoft Windows OS, MacOS, and Linux.


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