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CAN FD visualizing tool

LCD display for in-vehicle messages

Semsotec (Germany) introduced the DM-5.0-1 Monitor tool for visualization of messages from Classical CAN and CAN FD in-vehicle networks.

The display comprises embedded software and hardware (Source: Semsotec)

The 5-inch display is suitable for visualization of parameters from the CAN-based in-vehicle networks in mobile test applications. The display with two CAN (FD) interfaces informs the driver about the status of the selected parameters. The device supports bit-rates up to 2 Mbit/s in the CAN FD data phase and up to 500 kbit/s in the arbitration phase. Five keys on the sides enable operation of the display.

The presentation layout of the parameters is created with a configuration tool based on the Windows 10 operating system. One parameter can be assigned to each layout cell. The display of a parameter includes a selectable parameter name, the value of the parameter, and the physical unit. Instead of numeric parameter values or value ranges, textual descriptions can be displayed. Certain properties can be assigned for each value or for a value range. The properties include background color for a text or a value, status LED color, acoustic signals, and automatic cell display. The display configuration is transferred to the tool via USB.

The TFT display with a resolution of 800 pixels x 480 pixels, provides the brightness of 750 cd/m², and a good readability at a high sun, says the manufacturer. A power supply of 9 VDC to 26 VDC and operation at -20 °C to +70 °C is possible.

The company develops and realizes infotainment displays and control units as well as interior body concepts for vehicles. The displays comprise embedded software and hardware solutions for automotive and industrial applications.


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