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Data-acquisition device with Classical CAN and CAN FD

The Granite 10 data-acquisition (DAQ) device from Campbell Scientific includes four general-purpose Classical CAN or CAN FD channels. It is an all-digital measurement and control DAQ.

Case material of the product is stainless steel 304 and aluminum 6061 (Source: Campbell Scientific)

Automotive data-acquisition systems are often complicated by the length of cables connected to sensors, systems that cannot be adapted to specific projects, and a need to be regularly replaced. The Granite system is a distributed DAQ that can be centralized or modular. The product comes with Classical CAN and CAN FD inputs and outputs, as well as isolated measurement inputs. Four general-purpose ports with Classical CAN or CAN FD are available. Screw terminal or Dsub 15-pin connections as well as support for DBC files are given. GPS-synchronized data can be collected and sent to a PC and displayed in real-time. Data can also be communicated through Ethernet and several wireless options including built-in Wifi.

A distributed network allows the user’s vehicle-testing systems to grow and adapt as they move from project to project, explained the company. Modular systems reduce necessary vehicle modification, simplify sensor installation, and decrease the length of cables, the company added.

According to the company, the system can operate in harsh environments. Electrical specifications are valid over a -40 °C to +70 °C, non-condensing environment, unless otherwise specified. Extended electrical specifications (noted as XD in specifications) are valid over a -55 °C to +85 °C non-condensing environment.

The Granite 10 is designed as the core of the data-acquisition network, integrating with all Granite measurement modules, including the Volt 108, Volt 116, Temp 120, VWwire 305, and CH400. With its CAN channels, a 128 GiB SSD, and temperature ranges, the tool is suitable for automotive testing.


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