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CAN, CAN FD, J1939

Vehicle diagnostic tester with remote functionality

With version 8 of the vehicle diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector offers possibilities to individualize remote diagnostics. Simultaneous communication over different network systems including Classical CAN and CAN FD as well as different diagnostic protocols such as J1939.

Vehicle diagnostic tester Indigo is suitable for diagnostic tasks and can be used in vehicle development as well as in the workshop (Source: Vector)

With the plugin installer concept and the software development kit (SDK), the user customizes the Indigo functionality. In addition, remote diagnostics with Indigo 8 offers a safety concept with Vector online services, explained the company. The tester gives an overview of the status of a vehicle as well as detailed diagnostic information on individual ECUs (electronic control unit). Depending on needs, suitable tester configuration can be defined, saved as a project, and shared with colleagues. Simultaneous communication over different network systems: Classical CAN, CAN FD, K-Line, and DoIP as well as different diagnostic protocols such as SAE J1939 diagnostics.

The vehicle diagnostic tester can be customized and expanded as required without any knowledge of diagnostic protocols, added the company. This enables to integrate the product into an existing customer-specific development process. The plugin installer concept facilitates the installation of individual extensions. In addition to the installation, an user plug-in is delivered, which can be installed without administrator rights and extends functionally, said the company. These adaptations to individual user requirements are implemented by Vector on request.

Remote diagnostics with Indigo via Vector online services (Source: Vector)

Users can now also extend functionality on a smaller scale themselves using the Indigo SDK. This allows the implementation of own use case diagnostic windows as well as access to the full range of functions of the company’s diagnostic scripting libraries.

In a web portal (online services), the user creates an account that can be used for all Vector remote diagnostic and flash tools. Despite a security concept, remote diagnostics is easy to use; the connection setup is practically as fast as with a direct local connection, concluded the company.


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