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4G-enabled data logger

CAN-to-Cloud solution

The recent Kvaser partner Odosolutions (Odos) has integrated Kvaser's Leaf Light CAN interface hardware into its Cloud Commander logging device.

The solution is targeted to improve operational efficiency of remote assets and teams (Source: Kvaser, Odos)

The solution is targeted to improve operational efficiency of remote assets and teams and to diagnose faults over the air (OTA). It enables a real-time CAN data streaming over the 4G cellular connectivity to a cloud-based data storage. The device features a GPS (global positioning system) tracking and a three-axis accelerometer. Onboard UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and a memory buffer in the event of power and cellular connectivity outages are available. The Kvaser Leaf Light interface includes the CANlib software development kit (SDK) and an application programming interface (API). The rugged IP67-protected, field-deployable enclosure offers a secure mounting possibility.

Odos Cloudsoft IoT software platform enables remote CAN data monitoring and anlysis (Source: Kvaser, Odos)

The hardware is combined with Odos Cloudsoft IoT (Internet of Things) software platform and dashboard. The platform allows for distributed team collaboration and data sharing. It includes remote real-time CAN data monitoring and analysis software as well as over-the-air (OTA) configuration updates. OTA diagnostic of CAN networks using OBD2 (on-board diagnose) and UDS (unified diagnostic services) is possible. The platform offers event-based triggering to stream data, capture CAN traces, as well as to email alerts and reports. Further features include virtual calculated CAN channels, plugins, Rest (representational state transfer) API (application programming interface) service, and Asam file formats. According to Odos, the platform is certified to the most rigorous IT security and privacy (GDPR) legislation.


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