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J1939 data logger

Without the need for a PC

Titan S8-CAN by Madgetech (USA) is a data acquisition system for diesel engines capable of simultaneously measuring and recording up to 23 suspect parameter numbers (SPNs).

The 1-GiB data logger allows users to view and record data without the need for a PC or software for operation (Source: Madgetech)

The portable data logger is suitable for engine, road, and diagnostic testing applications. It connects to the J1939 network via its diagnostic port. Monitoring and recording of J1939 messages from Tier 1 through Tier 4 diesel engines is possible. Up to 23 of the 55 available J1939 SPNs can be captured simultaneously. In addition, the logger can measure and record temperature, current, voltage, and pulse information at the same time. The tool is helpful for diesel technicians and fleet owners enabling preventative and predictive maintenance of their vehicle fleets, said the company.

The all-in-one solution allows users to view and record data simultaneously without the need for a PC or software for operation. The touch-screen user interface allows for the device’s set up and configuration. With a 1-GiB of internal memory, the logger can store up to 5 000 000 readings. A data view from the current logging session is possible as graph, tabular, or in real-time. Stored data can be viewed, copied, and deleted. It is also possible to add notes to logged sessions. The collected data can also be downloaded to a flash drive via USB. A continuous use of up to 9 hours is possible due to an internal battery. The IP20-rated device sizes 168,9 mm x 111,8 mm x 35,8 mm. A 16-pin OBDII connector and a 9-pin Deutsch connector are the available accessories.


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