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Cloud solution for CAN networks

The Cloudcommander from Odos combines the CAN-to-USB converter from Kvaser, the Leaf Light HS V2, with the IoT cloud platform from Odos to offer a complete CAN-to-cloud data monitoring and data-logging solution. Actronic-Solutions distributes the products.

Battery management system data logging (Source: Actronic Solutions)

Actronic-Solutions (Germany) has entered into a cooperation with the Swedish-British company Odos Solutions. Odos Solutions develops cloud-based solutions for reading and storing data from mobile systems with certified security standards. Odos provides both the hardware for local readout and real-time data transmission of the data from the local CAN networks, e.g. of vehicles, as well as the software for data analysis and the server structure for storing the data.

In the development of electrical vehicles, the operation of entire vehicle fleets, or also other mobile battery systems, the information around the vehicle and battery status is important for cost-effective and safe operation, explained Actronic. With data collection, data evaluation, charging processes can be optimized or maintenance can be planned in advance. This, for example, can avoid battery failures and minimize operational risk, the company continued.

(Source: Actronic Solutions)

More than 400 signals (including temperatures, currents, and battery state of charge) from the battery management system (BMS) as well as parameters from the entire vehicle network are monitored remotely. This, supports real-time analysis of the battery packs and the drive system. According to the company, this can optimize fleet charging, reduce vehicle downtime, and improve battery life.

All historical battery operational data in the cloud are stored. Centralized storage, visualization, and analysis of pre-production fleet logs, whether for durability, quality, or climate testing, helps isolate, identify, and diagnose faults. Key data and fault capture features include: the capture of standard and proprietary CAN data signals, high-speed CAN traces recorded with pre/post triggers on driver request, fault codes or calculated parameters, as well as higher-level protocols (J1939, OBDII, UDS, etc.), and over-the-air (OTA) diagnostics. Regardless of where in the world vehicles are located, OTA updates enable that the fleet remains harmonized with a common configuration and data collection strategy, said the company.

The Cloudcommander data logger with integrated CAN interface (Source: Actronic Solutions)

Software version control of all ECUs (electronic control unit) in the vehicle network also helps to ensure that the fleet is compliant with the latest software versions. Software features/bugfix releases are monitored and directly correlated with the number of generated fault codes (DTCs).

The IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud platform is certified to the global IT security and data protection (GDPR) laws. Odos introduced its Cloudcommander data logger with integrated Kvaser CAN interface for real-time CAN-to-cloud data telemetry combined with the Cloudsoft Dashboard for remote monitoring and data access. The IP67-rated Cloudcommander combines the CAN-to-USB converter, the Leaf Light HS V2 from Kvaser with the IoT cloud platform from Odos to offer an all-in-one CAN-to-cloud data monitoring and data-logging solution. The data from the CAN system must be made available to the user, evaluated and graphically processed. This is provided by the Software Cloudsoft for monitoring and analyzing CAN data from Odos.


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