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Virtual Automotive Convention

Diagnostic and test solutions

At the virtual Softing Automotive Convention in May, there was a virtual showroom to experience software solutions and exhibits from home. There also were held some presentations. CAN and CAN FD were also topics.

The TCS.device is the hardware for diagnostic simulation as a replacement for real ECUs or vehicles (Source: Softing)

In addition to the discovery tour through a virtual exhibition, various live-demos and presentations were part of the event. Using practical examples, the experts demonstrated the benefits of parallel remote access in vehicle development, the simulation of DoIP ECUs (electronic control unit), and a plug-and-play solution for aftersales diagnostics consisting of workshop tester software and a CAN FD interface.

Configurable diagnostic simulation

Configurable diagnostic simulation can as a replacement for real ECUs or vehicles: Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management at Softing, showed a solution for diagnostic simulation of CAN ECUs and DoIP communication – for regression testing as well as commissioning of test sequences. Softing TCS is the diagnostic simulation for cases where no ECU or vehicle is available, for example for test preparation, regression testing, or in training and teaching facilities. CAN (FD) interfaces are provided.

Workshop tester meets CAN/CAN FD interface module

Another topic was the workshop tester (The CAN Newsletter already reported in detail). The company explained: Worldwide service networks are available for vehicles and mobile machinery. The primary goal is to reduce expensive downtimes or even longer breakdowns, they continued. The focus is on offering dynamic, efficient maintenance, and repair services, they added. However, this places special demands on the diagnostic tester, performance, and secure data exchange. To ensure this, a diagnostic concept, the use of an intuitive workshop tester, and an interface are essential.

The TDX-workshop (Source: Softing)

Julian Mayer, Product Manager of Softing TDX, presented a plug-and-play solution for diagnostic tasks in aftersales. The TDX.workshop repair shop tester enables service technicians and mechatronics engineers to localize faults, repair, and commission individual components as well as entire vehicle systems. The diagnostic software is complemented by the CAN (FD) interface U100 from Kvaser. The CAN-(FD)-to-USB interface from Kvaser with reinforced galvanic isolation is designed for use in CANopen, J1939, NMEA 2000, and Devicenet networks.


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