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Demo board

With 2,8-inch display and CAN FD port

SK Pang has introduced a CAN FD demo board. It is based on Microchip’s MCP2517 stand-alone CAN FD controller.

The CAN FD demo board is equipped with a 2,8-inch TFT display (Photo: SK Pang)

The demo board features a Teensy 3.6 plug-in module by Sparkfun. The CAN FD port is realized with Microchip’s MCP2517 stand-alone CAN FD controller and the MCP2562FD transceiver. The stand-alone controller provides 31 Fifos configurable as transmit or receive buffers. The chip communicates via the 20-MHz SPI with a host controller.

The demo board comes with an on-board voltage regulator (6-V to 24-V input). It is equipped with a 120-Ohm termination resistor and a 5-way navigation switch. The supplier provides also demo software and a CAN FD traffic generator.


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