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Hardware and software tools for development and diagnostics

Published 2011-01-01

The automotive industry is highly automated. This is also true for the CAN in-vehicle networking. The entire lifecycle of the CAN network is supported by means of tools – from the first idea to the maintenance and diagnostic in the garage. That is why you find nearly any kind of tools on the market. This starts with bus analyzing tools, device design and system design tools and ends with dedicated diagnostic tools for different application fields.
Any kind of CAN tools is available with different functions. There are simple tools as well as highly sophisticated tools. Of course, the more functions the higher are the prices.
The different industries have developed several exchange formats for the tool change. There are some de-facto standards as well as open standards such as the EDS (electronic data sheet) format for CANopen or DeviceNet.
This section also provides information about generic micro-controller development tools and programming environments for host controllers.