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CAN data-logger in aluminum

Venamics (Netherlands) added a product to their Venamics Measurement System (VMS) series. The CAN data-logger called VMS-CAN comes in an aluminum housing with IP66 and got two high-speed CAN interfaces.

(Photo: Venamics)

THE STAND-ALONE VMS-CAN SYSTEM can be configured using the VMS-Tool. Up to 256 CAN-IDs can be filtered. There is capacity available to max. 32 GiB, using SD cards. The CAN data can be imported partly in DBC format. The EIA-232 (max. 100 Hz) and GPS (max. 10 Hz) data-logger can communicate via Bluetooth and be used with a PC, smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to display real-time CAN network signals. EIA-232 signals can be logged synchronously with the CAN data. This makes is possible to log UART enabled instruments.

The system can be configured to use automatic or manual CAN network bit timings. The PCB consists of a SMD design resulting in a system with vibration and shock resistance. The devices temperature range is -20 °C to +70 °C and the power supply 8 V to 25 V. The maximal sample frequency is 16 kHz.

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