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CAN FD evaluation board

Electronic Engineering Nakoinz (Germany) offers the CAN FD evaluation board (TestECU) jointly developed with Bosch, Daimler, and NXP. The product is intended to be used only for test purposes under laboratory conditions.


THE MODULE COMPRISES THE CAN FD FPGA by Bosch, a 32-bit micro-controller by Renesas, and CAN transceivers by NXP. The CAN FD chip features two independent channels. The V850E2/FK4 micro-controller provides two additional CAN interfaces. The board comes with a test software package. This lab software is flashed into the MCU; source code is not provided. The user may flash its own software.

The CANoe-GUI by Vector controlling the board remotely is provided free-of-charge. The CAN FD implementation complies with the Bosch specification submitted for international standardization. It supports data fields of up to 64 byte. The module is available in samples and is produced in a low-volume. Customers have to sign a license agreement with Bosch.

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