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Diagnosis unit for J1939 networks

The Truck-Controller by B-plus (Germany) is a diagnostic tool for J1939-based networks. It is suitable for truck powertrain applications, body builders using J1939 networks, and FMS (fleet management system) communication systems.

THE CAN MESSAGES IN J1939 FORMAT received from the in-vehicle’s ECUs (electronic control unit) are evaluated and visualized by the tool. This means can monitor the transmitted Parameter Groups. Furthermore, the tool can send messages in order to simulate a body builder ECU. The pre-configured parameters to be visualized include for example auxiliary drive (on/off), engine status (start/stop), engine temperature, and operating hours. The parameters can be manipulated through the graphical user interface (GUI). The tool features a 7-inch TFT liquid crystal display. The CAN interface runs at 250 kbit/s. It supports the body builder CAN interface of the major European truck manufacturers as well as the manufacturer-independent FMS interface.
The company also provides the Truck-Monitor-Mini, which can monitor the J1939-based body builder and FMS networks. The unit measures 87,5 mm x 87,5 mm x 37,7 mm and is equipped with 2,8-inch color display. The pre-configured displays the coolant temperature and the fuel level (page 1), the oil pressure and temperature (page 2), the engine speed and engine hours (page 3), or the weight of the truck and the weight of the trailer (page 4). In addition, the status of the parking brake switch, the PTO, the engine, and the fuel warning is shown on all pages.
In addition, the company has developed the Engine-Monitor-Plus and the Engine-Monitor-Mini displays. They are also J1939 compatible showing engine-related data. The more sophisticated one is freely configurable and comes in an IP67-rated housing. It supports diesel engines from Caterpillar, Cummins, Daimler, Deutz, John Deere, MAN, Perkins, Scania, and Volvo Penta, for example.

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