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Loggers with low current consumption for continuous use

The GL2000 by Vector (Germany) is a solution for operators of test fleets to log the CAN and LIN data communication of moderate-sized networks. Messages are saved and evaluated according to the loaded configuration.

THIS LOGGER EXHIBITS LOW CURRENT CONSUMPTION in sleep mode (<1 mA) or in standby mode (typ. 60 mA) and is therefore suited for continuous use in vehicles. The logger is immediately ready to log from standby mode, from sleep mode typically in 170 ms. It enables simultaneous logging of four CAN channels, two LIN channels and four analog and four digital inputs, with two fixed CAN channels (TJA1043, high-speed) and two user-configurable CAN channels by piggyback boards, which are also electrically decoupled. CAN error frames are logged, as well as remote frames and LIN bus errors. Data can be saved on SD card (up to 2 GiB) or on SDHC card (up to 32 GiB). The logger capacity of 2 GiB equals approximately 100 million CAN messages (with DLC 8). Another feature is the read-out of the logging data directly via USB or commercially available CF card reader. The logger also offers automatic conversion to BLF, ASC, MDF or TXT format and one ring buffer either for long-term or for event-driven logging. Data export is possible via ASC, BLF, MDF for CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape, CANgraph, and TXT for MS Excel.

It supports databases for symbolic selection of messages and signals in configuring filter and trigger conditions and the remote controlled initiation of a manual trigger, as well as logging of diagnostic data over CAN and import of diagnostic descriptions in CDD, ODX/PDX and MDX formats. Optional measurement data acquisition over CCP/XCP is offered as well, including with Seed & Key. The logger features online classing, signal sound by a buzzer, and a graphical configuration tool, and it has an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +80 °C.

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