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Modular measurement and automation system

Softing Automotive Electronics (Germany) presented at the 1st MMC in Nuremberg the SMT (Softing Measurement Technology), a measurement and automation system for mobile and stationary applications. The system combines signal generation, communication, computing power, and mass memory.

IN THE MODULA ASSEMBLY GROUP, various physical I/Os and communication interfaces are available. Besides an interface module for USB, a link module for SMT components, and a communication module for GPS, a communication module for CAN is also available. It features two CAN interfaces for acquiring and stimulating CAN signals. The two CAN nodes are galvanically isolated both from each other and from the system. If required, a terminating resistor can be additionally connected per node. The 160 supported signals can be distributed as required to measurement and output channels of the two CANs.

The modular concept enables the user to adapt the system to their individual requirements. Channels can be scaled to any degree, from just a few to several hundred I/Os. Besides the measurement and communication channels, basic system characteristics can also be adapted to suit individual requirements, e.g. the cooling system, energy supply and processing power. At the same time, the system is built for integration: because of the housing mechanism, it only grows to the required minimum size for each functional scope.

The basic system consists of two fans, one supply module, and one data processing module. All further modules are optional, in accordance with the requirements of the application. Various communication, logging and output components are available. If needed, the components can be arranged decentralized and cross-linked. All connections are accessible from the front. The system and the modules can be built and exchanged without any tools. The channel and module status are shown via optical displays and the system can be parameterized through a recording memory. The system measures 187 mm x 140 mm; the width of the device is of course dependent on the required modules.

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