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Physical layer tester for CAN and LIN

The Mx-PLT by Danlaw (USA) is a physical layer tester for Mx-Suite, which is an embedded software test environment. The PLT is a desktop solution that automatically performs CAN network physical layer tests.

THE COMPANY'S PHYSICAL LAYER TEST SYSTEM is for CAN (high speed, medium speed, single-wire) and LIN (master, slave, master/slave). It has a built-in self-test for power supply, network bus loads, and oscilloscope. It also includes measurement equipment, electronic impedance switching, power supply w/crank simulation and ground offset, and harnesses. Transform connectors for the company’s software are included. Running general test scenarios in the Mx-Suite-tool, all OEM physical layers tests are automatically performed, which reduces test time, including invalid frame insertion and bus traffic loading.
The tester is a modular system for measuring CAN/LIN devices during normal usage, abnormal power perturbations, and under network stress conditions.

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