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Programming tool runs under Windows 8

Jetter’s (Germany) development tool JetSym’s (with the plain text high-level language JetSym STX) latest version 5.1.0 can run under Windows 8 and enables recordings in the integrated oscilloscope via the CAN network.

PREVIOUSLY, THIS WAS ONLY POSSIBLE via Ethernet or serial interface. The setup and monitor window also offer the user additional possibilities. For example, a single command allows a structure to be fully expanded and closed again, right down to all sub-levels. Other features include: Conditional break points in the user program can be defined and assigned parameters and the hardware manager has also been expanded with additional functionalities such as a user-defined setup. Version 5.1.0 can be downloaded at their website and tested and used without the need for a license up to a compiled program code of 4 KiB.

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