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Recording of audio and video streams

The Stream-Corder by Advanced Micro Peripherals (USA) optionally comes with a CAN interface. It is designed for streaming and recording applications that accept video inputs for real-time H.624 compression. The product comprises two stand-alone boards: SD4 and HD.

THE SD4 BOARD PROVIDES FOUR NTSC/PAL/RS-170 INPUTS. The HD features a single HD-SDI channel. It supports extraction of KLV (MSB 0605.3 compliant) data and stereo/audio signals embedded within the HD-SDI source. Both data and audio can be synchronized and streamed with the compressed video. The SD4 board comes with a dedicated hardware compression engine, which can record all four video channels. The engine also streams each channel directly from the on-board Ethernet port. It can capture audio from all four video inputs for streaming within the Ethernet output. Both PCIe 104 boards can also save compressed data directly to an
on-board SD card or external USB storage. They don’t need a host controller.

The streaming and recording product is intended for military, communication, transportation, mining, and energy industries. Both boards optionally provide CAN connectivity. Additionally, they may be equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, a GPS receiver, an altimeter, and a 3-axis digital magnetometer (e-compass). All these options can be integrated with other vehicle systems, and their outputs can be used as metadata embedded within the video and streamed to clients or saved locally for later analysis. Typical applications include unmanned vehicles, video recording in aviation and marine systems as well as in border security systems.

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