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Residual bus simulation works without PC

The Cars!m by Softing (Germany) is a residual bus simulator for the CAN network. It allows the user to change messages without parameterizing them or using a computer. The tool is suitable for simulation and stimulation purposes.

RESIDUAL BUS SIMULATION IS A TECHNIQUE used to “recreate” messages, which are not (yet) physically in the network. This way electronic control units can be tested without the need to build up the entire bus.
With the simulation and stimulation tool from Softing, who is member of CiA (CAN in Automation) since 1992, the user can change messages, set an impulse or switch off a signal without having a huge effort of programming or needing any software-tools. The product can simulate for example the ignition on/off, day and night, backlight on/off/dim, and speed (0 km/h to 400 km/h) messages. Furthermore it can send digital or analog messages and visualize them.
The tool’s CAN-matrix can be changed, but the time is not stored non-volatilely. Also the VIN (vehicle identification number) can be forwarded to the software. It features digital or analog signal-outputs and is available with and without display/PC-interface (USB). Its application fields are for example development, vehicles, assembly as well as CAN-communication.

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