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Silver medal for agricultural innovations with Isobus

Kverneland (Netherlands) has been awarded with two DLG silver medals of innovation. They demonstrated their products Isomatch Indemo and Isomatch Simulator at Agritechnica 2013 in Hanover. In both applications the CAN network plays a role.

Isomatch Indemo

The Isomatch Indemo is a 15 cm “stick” with an integrated Isobus plug which simulates the Kverneland machines on any Isobus tractor. With this product, the company’s machines are demonstrated and able to work without connecting the real machines to the tractor.

Also it gives the answers to questions like “How does the user interface of the machines look like on the terminal in the tractor?” or “How can you be sure that the machine can be controlled by your tractor’s terminal?”. When the device is plugged into an Isobus tractor, it works as if it was the “real” machine. Then the user interface of the machine is visible on the terminal and functions like section control with a spreader, seeder or sprayer can be used.

Isomatch Simulator

The second silver-medal-winner-product of the company is the Isomatch Simulator. It is a PC application to demonstrate the use of the Isomatch Tellus and Kverneland machines. This way, users can learn about precision farming and about Isobus technology on any computer. You can download the simulator for free.

Isomatch Tellus

The product makes it possible to experience the features of the company’s Isobus machines, without the need of a tractor or an actual Isobus machine.
The Isomatch Simulator provides the functions of the Isomatch Tellus (terminal for controlling every Isobus machine) directly on a PC. The user has the opportunity of a virtual training before the use in the field. That means they can get familiar with the technology of precision farming, control possibilities and train by e-learning.

By using the integrated GPS simulation, the farmer can simulate operations as if they were on their own field. The system makes it possible to go through complicated operations in advance, to avoid errors and reduce the working hours.

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