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Tools for Arinc 825 and CANaerospace

The CAN Aviation Alliance, a transatlantic consortium for the application of CAN in all areas of aeronautics has created test products for the Arinc 825 standard. Based on the PMC825 embedded computer board, the PowerNECS and CANflight tools by ICS interface (USA) are available on multiple CAN ports (two and eight). The tools provide a self-contained flight data recording function, which allows to store several hours of Arinc 825 data on MicroSD card.

THE CANFLIGHT SYSTEM IS LAPTOP-READY AND MAY powered over a standard USB cable to create an integrated and portable Arinc 825 test unit. Wetzel Technology (Germany) has extended its CAN Tool (XCT) with above-mentioned hardware and software. The XCT connects to Gigabit-Ethernet or IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN. The tool includes data visualization and network analyzing capabilities together with an Arinc 825 profile analyzer/editor. It provides sub-microsecond time resolution for data acquisition and generation. The toolbox runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems. It already supports the second version of Arinc 825.

The Arinc 825 over Ethernet (A825oE) protocol, developed by Stock Flight Systems (Germany) serves as the communication standard between host computers and the PMC825, PowerNECS and CANflight systems. The A825oE protocol is compatible with CANaerospace over Ethernet (CoE) and accompanied by CANaerospace over Wireless LAN (CoW) and Arinc 825 over wireless LAN (A825oW). The integration of CoW and A825oW protocols with iPad and iPhone devices will be available soon.

The CAN Aviation Alliance, originally founded by ICS (Innovative Control Systems), Stock Flight Systems, and Wetzel Technology delivers CAN products and services for ground and airborne systems. Additionally, the CAN Aviation Alliance offers engineering services and on-site training courses.

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