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PC-based simulation of virtual ECUs

Dspace (United Kingdom) has launched the Veos PC-based platform for simulation of function models, virtual ECUs (electronic control units), network systems, and vehicle models in early development stages. Simulation of CAN communication is possible as well.

THE SOFTWARE OFFERS OFFLINE SIMULATION using virtual ECU technology. Integration and simulation of Simulink models, software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulation is possible. Functions can be integrated directly on a PC and tested for interactions. In the design of controller strategies, the software acts as a virtual test bench with engine and vehicle dynamics models. Vehicle and environment models may be integrated to simulate and test an entire virtual vehicle. ECU testers may prepare the units for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation by creating and running the models and tests on a PC independently of the HIL system.
The platform works together with other company’s products. Similarly, layouts from HIL simulation can be reused in PC-based simulation with Veos and vice versa. The introduced tool also provides open interfaces for users to connect and utilize their existing tools.
Most ECU functions are developed by different development teams or different suppliers. Even if these functions work correctly in themselves, problems can occur in the overall system behavior. To find such errors as early as possible, the system behavior may be simulated on a PC. To verify the correct system behavior in critical situations, errors may be inserted deliberately. Offline simulation may be used in any phase of the development process. "The Veos simulation platform is our core product for the important issue of virtual validation, which OEMs and suppliers are currently pushing all over the world in order to perform a larger proportion of vehicle development in virtual scenarios,” said Dr. Rainer Otterbach, Head of Product Management. “Dspace has been one of the driving forces behind this development from the very beginning and is supporting users in establishing new, more efficient development processes. The initial feedback from our customers tells us that we are on the right track."
This year the publishers of Automotive Engineering International (AEI) presented the Tech Award to the Veos platform. The AEI Tech Award is presented to the most innovative products exhibited every year at the SAE World Congress.

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