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Data-logger with 12 CAN ports

Ipetronik (Germany) has launched the Ipelog data-logger featuring 12 CAN high-speed interfaces compliant to ISO 11898-2. Optionally the device supports several automotive higher-layer protocols an profiles such as CCP, XCP-on-CAN, KWP-on-CAN, and UDS (unified diagnostic services.

ACCORDING TO HARRY STÖTZER FROM IPETRONIK, the launched data-logger provides more performance than the predecessor families (M-/S-Log and Fleetlog). The product is designed for automobile development departments, which must measure multiple CAN-buses with lots of measuring signals and/or high data rates. It features quick start functionality with a no-message lost function. The data-logger is equipped with a removable 1,8-inch SSdf (solid state disc) for data storage. The GPRS/UMTS/3G/WiFi connectivity and the GPS-receiver are integrated for wireless data-transmission and global positioning.
The data-logger comes in an IP54-rated aluminum housing (206,5 mm x 72 mm x 151 mm). It is based on a 1,33-GHz fast Atom processor by Intel, and features 1-GByte RAM. The product runs the RTOS-32 real-time operating system and the Testdrive data acquisition software. Other features include two optional 100-MHz –Ethernet interface, one USB port, four digital inputs, and four digital outputs. The logging device provides Wake-on-CAN functions as well as multiple trigger-functions. The supplier, a subsidiary of Indus holding, informed that the online-measurement data can be transmitted via XCP-on-Ethernet to Ipemotion, Etas’ Inca, and Vector’s CANape. All settings of the measuring configuration can be done using the Ipemotion software running under Windows.
The data-logger operates in the temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C at a relative humidity of 5 % to 95 %. A power supply of +9 VDC to +36 VDC is required. The power consumption of typically 12 W. All measuring inputs, power supply and the housing are completely galvanic isolated from each other.

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