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Tool suite with CAN message buffer analysis

At the Embedded World, Symtavision (Germany) showcased version 3.5 of Symta/S. This version features embedded network and ECU timing analysis and adds CAN message buffer analysis. The system-level tool suite is made for planning, optimizing and verifying embedded real-time systems.

Timing analysis of a multicore system with different communication paths (Photo: Symtavision)

THE CAN ANALYSIS IN THIS VERSION HAS BEEN UPGRADED with the introduction of a message buffer extension covering COM-layer communications to facilitate more detailed analysis including the examination of scheduling anomalies that might occur with specific hardware/software layouts. ECU sender/receiver overview tables are now provided for Frames, enabling a better understanding of system wide end-to-end communications. Other features are improved Autosar XML round-trip model exchange, data consistency analysis for multicore systems and support for polling activation as well as enhanced toolchain integration for improved usability.

For ECU developers, this version features an improved Autosar XML round-trip model exchange with interfaces to the automotive industry’s most popular and commonly used tools. The tool suite also features analysis capabilities for data consistency of multicore systems and support for polling activation. Additionally, if offers white-box and grey-box gateway analysis capabilities with template-based approaches to gateway design helping improve time-to-market. Floating license server access has been accelerated for slow networks, and the batch mode for analysis automation has now the ability to start executing a passed script. At the same time, the company has announced Trace Analyzer 3.5, a new version of its solution for visualizing and analyzing timing data from both measurements and simulations, which integrates with the tool suite.

“The launch of Symta/S 3.5 and Trace Analyzer 3.5 extends the capabilities of our timing analysis and architecture exploration tools in key areas where we see the biggest interest in the market,” said Dr. Marek Jersak of Symtavision. “We extended our lead in embedded networking with our Ethernet, gateway and CAN extensions, as well as in multi-core ECUs through data-consistency, Autosar XML round-trip and polling activation extensions. These capabilities have been developed in close cooperation with key customers and will further accelerate our growth in automotive and the broader embedded market.“

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