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CANopen device design tool

Emtas (Germany) is developing the CANopen DeviceDesigner tool. It will be available in autumn 2012. It enables the device developer to create an object dictionary, electronic data sheets, and device documentation. Additionally the software tool configures the CANopen protocol stack and the CANopen driver software.

(Photo: Emtas)

THE DEVICE DESIGN TOOL GENERATES THE CANopen object dictionary by means of some mouse clicks the object dictionary, if the device function complies to the supported CANopen specifications (CiA 301/302/401/419). It also initializes functions in C, the electronic data sheet in EDS and XDD format, and the device documentation. The generated object dictionary is integrated into the application software as an interface for the protocol stack. It is possible – when configured accordingly – to access the parameters of the object dictionary directly as C variable. Alternatively from the application the access to functions is possible via index and sub-index. According to the adjustments and definitions of the object dictionary a configuration and initializing file in C source code is created. This secures that only used services of the CANopen stack will be compiled and initialized.

The tool creates the electronic data sheets in ASCII format according to CiA 305 and in XML format according to CiA 311. For the object dictionary with all features and descriptions and for further device specific adjustments the documentation is generated both in HTML and text format. It is possible to export the documentation for further use, e.g. as part of the user manual of the device. The tool can read CANopen profile files. They include templates for all types of objects with the attributes and a description of the object. Objects can be imported into the tool, copied and customized to individual characteristics of devices. When using predefined objects the development time shortens. Files for CiA 301 and CiA 302 are part of the delivery. Files for CiA 401 (generic I/O modules) and CiA 419 (battery charger) will be available soon. The software supplier will support other CiA profiles, as well. The software tool runs under the following PC operating system: Windows XP/SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and several Linux implementations (tested with Ubuntu 11.10).

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