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Data-logger with 64-GiB on µSD and simplified user interface

Optimeas (Germany) has introduced the SmartCAN-log device collecting CAN data. It is designed to overcome the increasing complexity of user interface. The Ocean software package is scalable and expandable.

THE SIMPLIFIED USER INTERFACE IS ONE OF THE KEY FEATURES of this CAN data-logger. The device can be parameterized by copying the CANdb database file (dbc) to the connected SD-card. The data-logger recognizes exchanged or new SD-cards automatically, closes a running data collection, configures the measurements based on the dbc file information, and starts the data logging automatically.

Mobile version without display

The data-logger is also available with an integrated display. Mobile versions can be provided as well. The device reads the dbc file and decodes the received CAN messages, channel by channel. All data is marked with a time-stamp and stored in a data file on the SD-card. The resulting format can be compared with a video recording, which means that all data up to the latest point is readable even in case of an abrupt measurement stop.

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