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Test-system for network characteristics of ECUs

Goepel Electronic (Germany) has developed the Tessy series of test-systems dedicated for automotive ECUs. Besides CAN communication, the products can test Flexray, LIN, and K-line interfaces.

THE SYSTEM IS ABLE TO TEST SIGNAL-BASED REMAINING BUS SIMULATION, to measure timings within and between communication messages, to analyse data traffic, to trace bus synchronisation, and to simulate error scenarios. Measurement capabilities for testing the physical layer have been significantly improved by using a higher-performance four-channel oscilloscope and signal-based trigger options at the message level. Determination of the sampling point in time is performed according to a proprietary method patented by the provider.

The CAN hub modules integrated into the test-system allows multiplexing of the CAN network. For this special method is used, which has been registered for patent approval. The CAN hub modules use parameterisable filters to include additional control units or external CAN networks (e.g. breadboards or laboratory vehicles) into the experimental setup. Furthermore they enable parallel testing of several identical control units in a multiplex operation. This helps to take advantage of the test system for endurance tests, as longer tester runs (e.g. overnight or during the weekend) are possible without the need of manual exchanging UUTs (units under test). Last but not least, the use of the CAN hub modules leads to cost savings when setting-up the test systems.

Goepel focussed on automotive functional test solutions for in-vehicle networks and ECUs runs offices in USA, UK, France, China, and India. The Indian subsidiary started operation beginning of 2012. “The decision to set up an Indian branch was a logical strategic step as we have been providing customers in India with our automotive test solutions for a couple of years”, says Ralf Kahl, Goepel’s international sales manager. “Another critical fact to further expansion was the reason that India is one of the most promising and increasing markets for the international automobile industry.” Sandeep Reddy Cherukupalli, managing the office  in Bangalore adds: “The double-digit growth in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, many existing contacts with OEM and supplier companies as well as investment plans of big automotive groups were good reasons to be present in one of the future expanding markets.”

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